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Firstly, I would like to present you a few facts about the work we do. Please, if applicable, leave your lust for moral superiority at the door and understand that Modern Machiavellian Marketing is not immoral or evil per se, just like knowledge can never be solely evil. Heed the words of Paracelsus who once proclaimed: 


"Everything, without exception, may be full of poison. The only difference between death and a remedy is the dosage."  


Or in short:


"The dosage makes the poison."

The same stick of dynamite can be used for both constructive destruction & destructive destruction. It matters not which tools we acquire and make use of... but HOW we utilise them. 

It is close to impossible to hit a target one can not see. Hence it is not only beneficial but essential to undertake the journey into the realm of strategy, power and realising that not everyone feels obliged to the same moral standards. That some people, in fact, seize opportunities that seem promising without regard for abiding by the rules, for playing fair. Knowing what clues to look for, so one can prevent getting played for a fool, is important for everyone, no matter their status or current job, and of course even more important for people manoeuvring the minefield of the political landscape and those with high ambitions in the corporate environment.

One last warning. Never make the mistake of reading Il Principe by Niccolò Machiavelli, knowing beforehand that you are merely dedicating time to the study of this master strategist, merely using him as a welcome excuse to justify your own barbaric behaviour. I can personally guarantee you something. Jerks, Psychopaths or people with no regard for honour or loyalty, all don't last. There is a huge difference between being a strategic thinker and trying to squeeze everyone for the last penny they have 24/7 while thinking that one is the devil's advocate and does the devil's work... 

Now the whole topic of why Machiavelli was misunderstood can take a decade to elaborate, but by now you should have a decent idea of where strategic (=Machiavellian) thinking ends and where pathetic behaviour starts. Now, what is socially acceptable Modern Machiavellian behaviour and how could knowing a thing or two about a thing or two, lead to magnificent results, exceeding all expectations?

Modern Machiavellians combine ancient knowledge with a modern strategy to either find a proven path or to make one themselves. It often has been proven to be good conduct to simply take an existing concept and continue the teachings & ideas found within. If you do what works in an efficient manner, you will always reach the same level of success as others, given a proper level of ambition. There is no magic behind it. Do what works and do it well. Now, what exactly has rewarded me and multiple other renowned strategists and politicians, I am in contact with, to frequently emerge victoriously

A question almost impossible to answer, since there are no magic bullets, but the foundation of success boils down to the proper application of a diversified mix of the following Machiavellian pillars:


  • Ancient Philosophy

  • Modern Strategy

  • Timeless Creativity

  • Cultivating Mastery

  • Smart Technology

  • Loyalty & Networking

  • Meticulous Planning

  • Strategic Communications

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