A Man’s Guide To Testosterone Replacement Therapy

1.) Introduction
2.) Why Do More & More Men Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
3.) What Are The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
4.) Your Questions on TRT Answered
5.) In Closing / Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction

I have tried to make this guide as comprehensive as possible. I am not above updating it and improving it in the future.

I do not claim to know everything, claim to go into the greatest biological and scientific detail on each point, nor be a medical expert, but I know enough to answer almost any question someone who is just beginning or thinking about beginning TRT could want to know.

I may know more than the average general practitioner, or even endocrinologist, but I am not a doctor, nor licensed to give medical advice.

So even if your doctor is a complete idiot who knows less than I do, it is he/she who is licensed with the necessary credentials that legally permit them to give you medical advice, so you should only take advice from them, not me.

This is a practical, rather than intellectual piece. I will employ a simple writing style accordingly.

The structure of this article will take a questions and answers format from section 4 onward, with some background into the importance of TRT beforehand.

I have fielded questions from across the internet (email, blog, Twitter, Reddit) and the purpose of this article is to answer the plethora of questions put to me on TRT in a single, centralised location despite the controversy my thread fielding questions for this post generated in the red pill forum. TRT is, unfortunately, something of a taboo mired in ignorant fearmongering.

There’s a lot of interest in TRT in the men’s part of the internet, and as a website dedicated to the betterment of man, I do not believe Illimitable Men would be complete in fulfilling the vision I have for it if I shied away from covering this topic simply because its controversial.

Men don’t shy away from things just because it’s going to elicit some outrage and disapproval.

I have no doubt that, upon the publication of this piece, there will be additional questions in the comments. Valuable questions that haven’t already been answered may be added to the article in future revisions, time permitting.

I want this piece to be as helpful, truthful and comprehensive as possible.

It’s taken me awhile

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