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In the case that you have valuable information that you want to share with the reader, I might accept your guest post. Send me your topic idea or draft and I will let you know if I am interested. The rules are the following:

  • You confirm that you are the sole author of this article and own the full copyright.
  • By submitting the content you agree to transfer the full copyright and publishing rights to me, Modern Machiavelli, and allow me to use the content as I see fit. Even if I wish to print it out and wipe my ass with it.
  • This brings me to the next point. If reading the submission indeed arises the urge in me to use it as toilet paper, please don’t submit it.
  • Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be a Mark Twain. If English is not your mother tongue and your article is filled with grammatical errors, that is acceptable for me.
  • What is unacceptable are logical and factual errors.
  • Backlinks to your blog and/or social media pages are fine.
  • But if your post looks like spam, ergo riddled with sales links, vaffanculo stronzo.
  • The content must be unique and must not have been published anywhere before.
  • As you know I usually aim for 2,500 words or more, but if you write a shorter article that’s fine too