Fifty Shades of Red (Part 4)

“You need only look at the way in which she is formed, to see that woman is not meant to undergo great labour, whether of the mind or of the body.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

1.) Introduction
2.) The Maxims
3.) In Closing / Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

Seeing as people absolutely love maxims, I’ve decided to commit myself to another round of Fifty Shades of Red (being this article) and Machiavellian Maxims (which will come later on!)

The maxims that comprise the bulk of this article are designed to educate men on the nature of women, as well as the nature of themselves in relation to women. Being a loose collection of maxims, the article is easy-to-read by merit of its broken down format. I’ve likewise adopted brevity here in the hope that the most prominent points will stick more easily.

The maxims listed are inclusive, but not exhaustive. As such, these maxims do not compromise the totality of wisdom available on this topic. This is part 4 in a continuing series, you can find part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

2.) The Maxims:

IM MAXIM #151 – If she suddenly stops wanting your attention, she’s getting attention of equal or greater value elsewhere.

IM MAXIM #152 – The older the woman, the greater her sense of urgency, the older the man, the more reluctant his urge to commit.

IM MAXIM #153 – All sensations of dread inflicted onto you by her should be responded to with equal or greater dread.

IM MAXIM #154 – To conquer a woman’s ego, frame everything she does as suspicious, call her out, neg her, dismiss her, and you will win. The beauty of this strategy is not even her awareness can diminish its efficacy, for aware or not, dominance is dominance.

IM MAXIM #155 – Preface everything she says with “right now I feel like” and you will understand her better, for she is capriciously fickle.

IM MAXIM #156 – Her intentions are byproducts of her mood, not binding statements derived from a code of honour; a change in mood will as such void all and any prior declarations of intent made by her.

IM MAXIM #157 – Women have to work hard to be likeable, men have to work hard to be fuckable.

IM MAXIM #158 – If she says she needs space, neither argue nor plead. Withdraw all attention. Disappear. The ease with which you depart will make

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