How To Stop Feeling Tired

“Energy is the key to creativity. Energy is the key to life.”William Shatner

1.) Introduction
2.) Energy & Social Skills
3.) Identifying The Cause
4.) Methods for Improving Energy Levels
5.) In Closing / Relevant Reading

1.) Introduction:

In this piece I will depart from my usual lofty prose to bring you something less abstract and more practical. Even though I lean toward the more literary, strategic and theoretical side of things most of the time, I think it’s important to write about practical things in a simple manner on occasion.

After all, I’m not just here to embellish my own love of wordsmithing, but likewise to help people by sharing what I’ve learned from my experiences and observations.

Now on that note, energy optimisation is of great importance to me. I’m not naturally high energy, but I’m naturally pretty smart. And I’ll tell you this. High energy guys with shit for brains will kill it more in life than low energy smart guys ever will.

Energy is king. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. A high energy dumbass will outperform a low energy genius every time without fail. Not only will his peak in any one scenario be higher, but his ability to endure will be greater.

Without energy, you just can’t get shit done.

When genius boy wants to lay back in his chair and do fuck all, dumbo the elephant wants to zoom around town completing errands.

It is energy and energy alone that underpins every single human’s ability to do anything. And so there should be nothing, absolutely nothing, that is more important for you to get under control than this.

If you’re not a high energy person, and you’re reading this, your objective should be to change this. Firstly, identify why and how you’re low energy, then engage in lifestyle changes and/or therapeutic treatments to fix the problem.

This is your true route to a better life, not binge reading self-improvement material. Self-improvement material can’t give you energy, it can only tell you what to do assuming you actually have the energy to follow its advice!

Being low energy is not an acceptable state of living. It’s normal to average people, because average people are accustomed to being in poor health, but if you read IM, you are obviously someone with zero interest in being average, and will do whatever it takes to win at life.

It doesn’t matter how capable you think

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