Sick & Gruesome German Children Songs

Evil & Gruesome German Children Songs

Evil, brutal, twisted, sick, absolutetly common German Children Songs


Did you ever wonder why the German citizens have never been known as particular peace-loving or mentally healthy people? If your guess was the Aryan Übermenschen genetics, you are only partly right. This combined with evil german children stories and songs that are worse than most horror stories in other countries.



Evil, Sick & Gruesome German Children Songs:

Just for clarification, these are not satire songs aimed at adults. This is the shit you actually sing in Kindergarten and if you ask any German speaker, he is certain to know them. Not only know them but sing along those happy tunes.


  1. Ein Hund kam in die Küche


Translation: A dog came into the kitchen, and stole the cook an egg, the cook took a knife, and cut the dog in two. Many dogs came, and dug the dog a grave, and placed a tombstone, on whom was written: [Repeat]



2. Kuckuck

On a tree sat a cuckoo 

[Brain insane refrain]

On a tree a cuckoo sat

Then came a young hunter

[Brain insane refrain]

Then a young hunter came

He shot at the poor cuckoo

[Brain insane refrain]

He shot the poor cuckoo dead



3.  Hoppe, hoppe, Reiter


Hoppe, hoppe, rider

If he falls he cries

If he falls into the trench

Ravens are going to eat him

If he falls into the swamp

The rider goes flop



4. Maikäfer flieg

May bug fly

Your daddy died at war

Mother is in Pommerland

Pommerland is burned to ashes

May bug fly

May bug fly

Your brother died at war

The king fell from his horse

they took from him his fairy castle

May bug fly



5. Mariechen


Mariechen was sitting on a stone

She combed her golden hair

Mariechen watch out

There came the young huntsman

Then came an evil witch who charmed the huntsman to believe Mariechen to be a Bambi

He shot Mariechen in her heart

The blood poured to the ground



6. Fuchs du hast die Gans gestohlen

If you think that you have experienced the worst of the psychopathic German children songs already, you are wrong. Here is a song that is known and loved by virtually every single German speaker and Kindergarten teachers favourite:


Fox you stole the goose,

give her back

otherwise, the hunter is gonna get you with his thunderstick

His big, long, shotgun, shoots at you the pellets

so the red ink colors you

and then you are dead


I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the magnificent German culture and stay tuned for the most gruesome and brutal children stories. The next time you interact with a German, think about the psychopathic german children songs & stories that influenced his whole childhood and interact accordingly.

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