Happy Birthday Niccolò Machiavelli! (he gets a present)

Press Release for Niccolò Machiavelli’s Birthday:


3 Machiavellians unveil the Art of Power, Political Schemes & Social Dynamics

3rd of May, Niccolò Machiavelli’s 547th Birthday. To honour this occasion, 3 Machiavellian Masterminds elucidate Power, Political Schemes, Career Warfare, Deception & Social Interactions, at http://reddit.com/r/the48lawsofpower starting from Wednesday 04.05.2016 18:00 GMT +2.


The parties involved are as follows:

  • Lionel Fox, Politician, PR & Political Consultant. Two time Entrepreneur. Profound knowledge of Social & Power Dynamics acquired since early childhood. Started a Blog dedicated to Machiavellian schemes this Year.
  • IllimitableMan, legendary Blogger and Strategic Mastermind, external Advisor for various companies, known for his sharp and incredibly comprehensive Analyses on Human Behaviour and Power Plays.
  • Illacertus, Eastern European Polyglot, excellent YouTuber, Historical Strategy Enthusiast with experience in the Trading Business working for reputable Natural Resource Companies. Like the rest of us, he studied law.


Starting from Wednesday 18:00 GMT + 2 the Experts are going to answer all questions they feel comfortable answering, related but not limited, to:

  • Political Power & Career Warfare
  • Deception, Persuasion, Propaganda & Schemes
  • Social Interactions, Human Behaviour & Emotions
  • The Dark Tetrad (Machiavellianism, Sadism, Psychopathy, Narcissism)
  • Morals & Ethics

The Question & Answer session will last for however long it is deemed to be fruitful, though at least a whole day and the Interview transcript will be uploaded for the magnificent followers.

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