Book List of Power

I have created a very comprehensive book list, including a short review of each book. Click here and hone your mind with these timeless classics, fine enough for the delicate mind of Niccolò Machiavelli himself.

Not only have I included books similar to “The Prince” and “The 48 Laws of Power”, but also best-selling gems about Charisma, Seduction, PR, History and Politics.


Blogs about Machiavellianism


My favourite blog hands down. Illimitable Man is a true modern Machiavelli who has a unique writing style and produces valuable, comprehensive content. His writing is his art in which he takes tremendous pride.


Leadership & Strategy Training via Animated Book Summaries. A refreshing spin on the power dynamics.

Robert Greene’s Blog

For reasons unknown Robert Greene doesn’t update his blog anymore, but the content within still makes for a worthwhile read.



Best Academic Research Resources


You can dig through a couple of million articles. FREE


A rather small database for academic books, only. They also have one for articles. FREE


A well-equipped search engine with an excellent design. Similar to Google with the slight difference that you can peek into documents without having to open them. Saves a lot of time if you want to perform a quality check or discover how often your keyword can be found inside.

Make sure to click “Documents” instead of “Web” on the right side above the search bar. This ensures that you only search for academic research papers. FREE


The following research Databases are Premium databases and basically only here for my own convenience. If you happen to look for a specific article and know that this particular article can be found in one of those databases, I might be swayed to send it to you.

Social Science WISO + IBSS + Sociological Abstracts


Database of Psychological Tests


Article Search from the American Psychological Association

Economics Number 1 Number 2 Number 3

Financial + Company Data Factiva